Jerrell Jones
Greetings ladies,

I hope that your doing well in health and spirit today. If not, allow me a moment to place a smile on your pretty face.

To me women are royalty and I take great pride and joy reminding you of that every moment of the day. No this isn't cheap talk. This is the richness of my heart speaking to you.

Living a life of poverty leading to imprisonment at a young age, I once had a distorted perception of what love was. Now that I am a more conscious individual, I am determined to experience love in its purest form. I'm aware that a real woman is the portal to mans success. In my pursuit to everlasting happiness I am extending my hand out for authentic friendship.

My idea friend would be a female version of me : loyal, smart, mentally sound, clean, adventurous, honest, classy, hardworking, tender hearted, passionate, fun, disciplined, and drama free. Additionally I seek someone that has stability in life, has goals, and is very affectionate. I desire a woman that's supportive of my dreams and goals of starting a Outreach program for disadvantaged individuals, marriage, kids, buying a home, and living a family life eternally.

I'm also open to incorporating my best friends dream's with mines. Taking my life and relationship serious I ask that only mature individuals contact me back.

Look forward to getting to know that special woman soon. Until then take care.
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