Cody Troy
Cody Troy # 310651
P O Box 70
Buckeye   AZ   85326   USA
Hello, my name is Cody Troy also known as Irish. I'm 31, born September 18, 1991 from the beautiful state of Arizona.

Born in Phoenix Arizona, also raised in Yuma, Arizona. I'm Irish and Mexican, green/hazel eyes, brown hair, 5’11,  my weight 180 pounds. Got tattoos as you can see from my picture. You can't see the one I have on my chin cause I didn't have it when I took this photo, once I take a new one I'll post it.

I love to read self-help books and to work out. I like to learn and practice my Christian faith.

I get released in 2024 between June-October. I got big plans and goals. I'm funny, outgoing, I got a strong and confident personality, love to explore and do random things, always open to trying new things. I have a beautiful 11 year old daughter.

I hope I can find new people and surround myself with positive influences. I got a tablet so if you don't like writing you can email on the website tells you how or go to Securus to sign up.

Well hope to hear from you soon. If you want to know more, well reach out. I'm a very social person.

Sincerely, IRISH

Hispanic, Caucasian
2 Aggravated Robbery
Release Date
07/21/2024  09/21/2025
Ad Start: 10-13-2022
Ad Expiration:  12-13-2023