Kevin Armando Brown
Kevin Armando Brown # 308883
Monroe Correctional Complex TRU
P O Box 888
Monroe   WA   98272   USA
Hey love, my name is Kevin Armando Brown, but I go by Finesse...I'm 39 and a Pices...5'10...230lbs...I work out a lot...cuban and black...from Detroit, Michigan...long hair...and tattoos from belly button to neck...

I'm someone real looking for something real with someone real...I'm not looking for someone who is too broken from their last relationship that they can't positively and in a healthy way pursue a new situation...I'm looking for someone who will not bring habits from past relationships into a relationship with me...I'm not a shallow man, any woman who has a beautiful heart and an amazing personality and is looking to have a great relationship and bond with a gorgeous man who has an amazing personality, is charming, and driven then you are more than welcome to reach out to me...

My favorite qualities in a woman are drive, intelligence, personality, and honesty above all else...In short, I'm looking for a real one...I'm gorgeous as hell all day long so it's a win...tap in with me...

Sincerely, Finesse

You can see more of me if you follow me on tiktok Finesse @KB3684.  You can also hit me up directly on securus adding my name, doc #, and state and we can email and send pictures directly video visits etc.

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