Michael Hayes

My name is Michael Hayes. I was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica. I am currently being held at Luther Locket Correctional Complex in Lagrange, KY. I am serving a life sentence for murder. I am now in the stage of appeal.

I'm fun outgoing, I love to write peotry but it has been some time since I wrote any, but maybe you can be the one to make me believe in the soft words of poetry once again.

I prefer women that are not afraind to take a chance at new beginnings, that are not afraid to believe and are not afraid to smile.

A description of me is I'm 5' 9", stocky build, 225 pounds, dreadlocks that hang down to my knees.I do have an accent. I've been locked up nearly 7 years, brown skin dark brown eyes. I'm pretty laidback.

I would love to link with a woman that's not African American. I will not lead anyone on, and what I"m seeking is the first step of honesty. I would love to her from you, so I will leave on this note.

As a cloud passes over I say a few words to be true, in hopes that same cloud passes over you, I blow kisses to the birds and they take them up in wings and as they pass by your window you hear my heart sings. I long to hear your words to your pen from your lips, like cold water in the heat I need more than a sip.

Peace and Love

Michael Hayes # 308295
P O Box 6  
Lagrange, KY 40031 USA
Christian Rastafarian
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 07-09-20
Ad Expiration:07-09-21