Christopher Dresing
Christopher Dresing # 306532
Northpoint Training Center
P O Box 479
Burgin   KY   40310   USA
Hey there -- thanks for stopping by! :-)

As you can imagine, interpersonal relationships are pretty rare and difficult to come by in prison.  I'm hoping to meet people through here to help fill that little void in my life.  People who can see beyond the headlines of my incarceration and realize that individual actions don't define my whole person.  Sound like you?  Please, keep reading :-)

Prison life can be pretty monotonous day to day, especially for someone like me who keeps to themself most of the time.  Messages and conversations with people would definitely be an amazing addition to my time! :-)  I'm a fairly laid back person who loves to just "go with the flow."  I'm very easy to keep entertained, twisted sense of humor, and always up for getting to know others through their life and experiences.  I always keep an open mind about people and their interests, am never judgemental - definitely ONLY looking for the same.

Some things about me....
-spend a lot of my time reading fiction books - quite the news junkie ... granted lately is very depressing :- / -love to go hiking / bike riding / jogging / walking as ways to stay active - prefer to travel to new cultures, not just locations - am a HUGE technophile!  Love all to do with computers, technology in general, gadgets, etc.

I'm open to talking about any and everything (within reason! haha).  Whether it be casual acquaintances or more involved relationships, I look forward to getting to know people.  My institution uses ACCESS CORRECTIONS app / website and for messaging we use the JPAY app / website.  While receiving letters and cards is amazing, JPAY is much easier to communicate for me.

What are you wating for?!  Hit me up, let's chat! :-)

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