Brandon Pedro

As I extend myself to you from  the real Washington ", the great Northwest… I gratefully bear gifts of being attentive, passionate, humorous, and continue to add to the bag. One that you'll be able to access when an ear, a rider, laughter or a smile would be helpful. Me got you Queen:)

That's available by staying in contact through e-messaging via "JPAY".com. Let's get started by you establishing an account to reach me, by entering:
1) Brandon  Pedro (name)
2) 305205 (DOC #)
3) Washington (state)
4) Username (your email)

Pen Pals are cool… Definitely a starting point. However, I'm a bit boojie, high saddidy, so am seeking something more substanitive. "Companionship". Don't you deserve that too? Isn't spending time in the presence of another beautiful person, expressing your ideas and goals more engaging than words on paper or a screen? How would that enable me to adequately tingle all your senses? That is what you'd like… Right? You know I ain't never lied (LOL). There is nothing but space and opportunity ahead for us to build from. Ya digg? That's a positive…

As I await your response, be working up a few things to share about yourself, talk away. Open your world to me. Dreams, goals, aspirations, desires. Describe who you were, are, and are aspiring to be. What causes you to laugh, cry, think? Give me the real, authentic, un-Photoshoped bear-bones you. Literally and figuratively speaking. Hear from you soon.

Brandon Pedro
Brandon Pedro # 305205
P O Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272  USA
Women, Legal Help
African American Hispanic, Cuban
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-17-17
Ad Expiration:08-17-19