Charles Eubanks
Charles Eubanks # 30183-424
U S P Thomson
P O Box 1002
Thomson   IL   61285   USA
Hello world.
If you are reading this ad then we already have a few things in common.1) We alive, and 2) We are both searching for something new and real ever be fake.

My Name is Charles but I go by King.  I'm a wise mind and motivational force for all walks of people.  I've decided to place this ad because I decided it was time to reach out and see what God had in storage for me.

Being that I've been incarcerated for the past 16 yrs and come in at the age of 18. I've outgrown my past and working on creating a brighter future for me and like-minded people. God is the key to life, knowledge is the key to success. With Those two keys mankind can never go wrong.

We've all been hurt, Betrayed and Mist used. But we live and we learn. There's always someone out there that will love you like you've never been loved before. You just have to never give up and keep searching. Love is out there some place waiting to be found by all of us. The game of life is interesting. But signs and symbols are for the conscious mind.

I'm very outgoing, I was raised by my grandparents so I got an old soul and big heart. All I ask is that if you decide to write me at the address below, let it be real.

I'm honestly a genuine person that's just trying to find realness. I got a little over 3 years left, I don't have any time to waste or games to play. May the light of understanding be with you all always.

If you don't get at me at least remember these words and teaching. “Life is what you make it, in order to get something good out of life you have to learn to be good to yourself and others. Never Give up when times get hard.  Struggle is only designed to build and strengthen character. When you fall or fail at something, pick yourself up,dust yourself off and keep giving it a real try until you A’s it. Each day you wake up is a new day to try it all over again. Yai”  get to where you trying to get eventually..God bless you all.

Words From The Wise One
Charles D. Eubanks #30183-424

African American
A Man Of God Almighty
Guns, Robbery
Release Date
2025 - 2026
Ad Start: 12-01-2022
Ad Expiration:  12-01-2023