Brad Kort
Hello, I'm Brad. 

Ladies have you ever had your heart broken, and your spirit crushed by someone you were in love with?  You treated them like they were your stars, universe and loved them to the moon an back, and only to be lied to, and stabbed in the back?!  If you have I know how you feel and I am NOT that kind of man.  I will not hurt someone like that.
I wrote this to show you I am not playing games and I expect the same.  A woman is a princess, to be honored, loved and cherished.  I have been hurt, and have moved on.  I am a Christian man, who loves God and puts Him first in my life.  When you do this, everything else falls into place, and you are blessed. 

I am loving, caring and affectionate, smart and clean-cut, and all around a good guy.  I enjoy laughing, talking and love to solve problems.  I am not one to sit around and wait for things to happen, I am a go-getter.  I like working out, going RV camping, boating, snowmobiling, cooking, dining out, movies, 80's hair bands, cars, and so much more. 

I am at Jackson for my CDL semi-school to be a truck driver.  If the right woman comes along, you can see the country with me.  I am in prison for false pretenses $1,000-$20,000. Basically, for charging tools to an account that was not mine.  I do not have anything sick or crazy on my record.  I am looking for a like minded woman, an am open to any age. The pictures of me are from the dog program.  I was able to train a leader dog for the blind while I was in prison. 
Brad Kort # 301599
Parnell Correctional Facility
1780 E Parnell Road 
Jackson, MI 49201 USA
False Pretenses $0-$20,000
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-17-19
Ad Expiration:01-17-20