Andrew Suarez
So I'm not really good at writing letters to no one but everyone at the same time.

Kind of a tricky situation, not much I can ask though I guess I'll say what comes to mind.

This world thinks I'm a bad person but my family thinks I have a good heart. Me personally I agree with both. My intentions are good in my heart, I mean well, but sometimes my decisions even I know what I'm doing is not right. What can I say I go with what I think is right and if the world doesn't agree then well I guess I'm a guy, but at least I'm not scared to be a bad guy and follow my heart.

So I have to say that I love love. To me love is the most beautiful thing in the world. I love loving. I love everything about it, the pain and pleasure. I have to add something though, I can fall in love with someone and if things don't work I know that eventually I'll fall out of love. I won't let myself be miserable. I will find someone else I can love.

Something I don't like about myself that I think people should know is that I'm too honest. I always tell the truth and I don't hold anything back. That becomes a big problem because I'm a big believer in I do what I want to do and some people can't take the truth but don't worry one thing I am not is a hypocrite.

I grew up around a lot of women so I think women should be able to express themselves and do the same a man does and not worry about me judging them.

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