Jason Powell
Jason Powell # 293901   
ASPC-Eyman Browning-4/IDA/52
P O Box 3400  
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time to view my profile. 

I've been incarcerated roughly four years and will be scheduled for release soon.

My reason for this page is to find some new friends that I can build some sort of connection with and see where it takes us.

Just to kinda give you a quick introduction of me: I was born in Elkhart, IN, but growing up I lived in several different states. Around 2010 I moved to Phoenix, AZ, where I will reside once I am released.

I enjoy traveling, listening to music, fashion, watching movies and learning new things. In here I mainly spend my days writing, reading, working out, and over all preparing myself for the outside world.

If I had to describe my personality in a few words I would most likely say that I'm shy, loyal, mild-mannered, honest, open minded and a leader. Enough about me though...Tell me about yourself. What is everyday life like for you? What type of things are you interested in?

Anyway I hope to hear from you soon!!!
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African American Native American
Armed Robbery
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