Johnny Loveless
Johnny Loveless # 292878   
ASPC-Eyman Browning Unit
P O Box 3400 
Florence, AZ 85132 USA
Hi, my name is Johnny Loveless. I am 30 years old, 6'2" tall and 225 pounds. I am light-skinned Native American, short cut hair with brown and green hazel eyes.

I am from Arizona-born and raised on the west side of Phoenix. I am a skilled welder with a healthy interest in architecture and design. My hobbies include exploring the various attractions of Arizona, spending time with family (when I can) and many others.

I am a down to earth kind of guy who enjoys exchanging stories, experiences and laughs through letters. I was at a rough time in my life a few years back and made a couple decisions that ultimately led to my incarceration. A release date in September 2021 has been set but for now I am concentrating on strengthening my skills and building lasting relationships.

I am an understanding man and a good listener and willing to have open conversations on any topics. I am seeking a pen pal who is as nonjudgmental as myself and one who is willing to see just how far our friendship can take us!

Talk to you soon.
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