David C Wright
David C Wright # 292809
609 E Pence
Cameron   MO   64429   USA
I'm 50 years young. I have been divorced since 2015. I have a gorgeous 11 year old son, and a beautiful daughter that will turn 26 in November.

I have been incarcerated 11 years come December for two counts first degree robbery and two counts armed criminal action. I received an 18 year sentence and will be released 4/4/26, or sooner. I will be calling Overland Park, Ks home after my release.

I have a huge heart and a tremendous appreciation of life and the world that we live in and would like to share it with someone special. I am on a constant journey of self discovery. Some discoveries are not always pleasant, but again, honesty is it's own reward.

I have discovered a new self, a true self and a purpose on this journey.

With my time, I enjoy reading, exploring religious philosophy, humanities and facilitating/attending classes on self-improvement and preparation for release.

I also enjoy staying fit and healthy, both mentally and physically, by working out and running.

Two of the most important questions always in the my forefront are,  "Do I want to be RIGHT or HAPPY? And, "Do I want to be GOOD or WHOLE?"
These questions keep me grounded, satisfied and at peace.

Before coming to prison, I was a full time student at O.T.C. working toward an Associates of Science of Respiratory Therapy degree. Currently I am enrolled with Ashland University online courses in Business Management and Communications.

My favorite time of year is fall and my favorite color is autumn. I love traveling, be it short trips or long journeys. Discovering new places and hidden treasures along the way, and being with that special ONE, whether in silence or deep in conversation just taking in the wonders of life one day at a time, one season at a time.

For me, that SPECIAL ONE would be a woman that is strong, confident and unafraid to be herself. The is a future out there, and I want to live, love and be loved. Peace I can be contacted through; JPay.com

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1st Degree Robbery, Armed Ciminal Action
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