Cleveland Moorer
Cleveland Moorer # 290839    
Kinross Correctional Facility
4533 W. Industrial Park Drive    
Kincheloe, MI 49788 USA
Future friend, 

I'm a God-fearing man who made some mistakes in life that I'm deeply sorry for! Sometimes I feel as though I have squandered all the beautiful gifts I was given, and let down many people. That ways greatly upon my soul. I have refined my life…

I'm from Detroit, Michigan… Brown skin with brown eyes, 6'1", 161 lbs., I enjoy working, reading, movies, cars, music, sports, writing poetry, writing and receiving letters… And meeting new people and making new friends… Although I am African-American on a very multi-cultured person.

My best qualities are loyalty, very caring, good listener. I'm honest and open-minded… And feel there is nothing pertaining to life's trials and tribulations that can't be discussed between two mature people… I got a great sense of humor and feel that a smile or laughter is one of the most powerful healing gifts in the world…

I'm looking to correspond with a friend through letters (… You can be compatible with me by simply "Being Yourself"...

Thank you for taking time out of your precious life to read my missive. Hope to hear from you real soon…?
Women, Friends
African American
1 count of 2nd° Murder
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