My name is Alex Daniels. I love to write but I haven't had much of a reason to lately. I've been locked up since April 2015 and by the time this gets posted I should have less than 24 months left in my sentence. I would really like to get back in touch with the outside world before then. I feel like there is so much I've missed out on. Plus, it's a great feeling to receive mail and have someone to talk to in here.

Some of my hobbies include: basketball, playing guitar and cooking. I LOVE to cook. Especially for other people. I like full moons, the ocean, good food and I hate centipedes. I also enjoy making people laugh. I’m currently using my time to earn a college degree. Focusing on bettering myself. I don't have any kids but I have a niece and nephew that mean the world to me.

I'm not specifically looking for a romantic relationship, but I'm also not completely closed off to that possibility.

If you prefer to communicate through email, my facility does have the Securustech.net messaging system.

I really look forward to hearing from you.


Alex Daniels # 285541
ASPC - Lewis Barchey Unit
P O Box 70
Buckeye   AZ   85326   USA
Alex Daniels
Caucasian, Native American
Trafficking Stolen Property
Release Date
Ad Start:  06-01-2023
Ad Expiration:  06-01-2024
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