James Everett Walker
I came to prison around 23 on a 19 year sentence for . I have 7 1/2 years remaining to discharge. I am single as of recent and I'm looking forward to meeting someone new.

I am currently working on my sentence modification. My lawyer and I are trying to get the remainder of my time suspended or converted into probation. I am working with the NAACP to get my release secured. So far a judge, senator, QVCC, which is the college I attend, a Professor from Yale University, BIMEC. wrote on my behalf to court. I will be submitting my modificaton within the next 90 days. I actually just made the Deans list June 11-19, my major is business. My interest is law school and my passion is writinhg, my GPA is 3.9.

I am a writer, I am currently writing films, I have 7 films, 2 plays and several different types of writings, including poetry and a TV series. When I am released I will be the assistant director of BIMEC and be running J&B rentals real estate, which my father owns. I will be running the family business half houses, ATR, summer camp, GED program, in patient and out patient reentry programs and a lot more. I am my fathers only son and his dream is for me to begin running our companies. Though I will be running the bussiness I will also be in law school and working with  my attorney on my films.

I am very ambitious and absolutely confident in my prowess skills as a writer. I have some powerful people supporting me, who are willing to invest, not just in my dreams but in my plans. Hopefully I can add you to that list of important people.

God Bless
Sincerely, Mr. Walker
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285 Shaker Road  
Enfield, CT 06082 USA
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