Brian Plowman
I'm Brian and I'm currently looking for someone to communicate with and hopefully add some value to their life. A friendship that's genuine and honest, starter by a simple conversation.

I'm 5'8" and 1/2" tall, blue eyes, and brown hair. I recently had my 40th birthday and it was one I didn't think I would see. I'm halfway through a 15 year sentence for home invasion. A dark time in my life when I was abusing drugs. Good news is that I made it to the other side and my future is bright. I'm happy to leave my past behind and be a better man. I've done a lot of growing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Current hobbies are drawing portraits and making cards. Staying fit by running, lifting weights, and playing numerous sports. I read a lot of books on real estate and watch HGTV. I want to become a real estate agent and flip houses when I am released. Love anything outdoors and when I'm free you can find me up a tree during deer season. I listen to music all day, it helps get through the long days.

There's still plenty more about me to discover. I won't claim to be perfect, I still have my flaws but I've come a long way. I am however lonely and most days crave a hug. So please write and break up the monotony of living the same day over and over. I'll try my best to make you smile, maybe even laugh.

Two things I'm most looking forward to are meeting you and getting out.
Easiest way to communicate is to set up a Jpay account, my family can pay for stamps, otherwise current address. Please make my whole month and write soon!
Brian Plowman # 284654
Alger Max Correctional Facility
N6141 Industrial Park Drive  
Munising, MI 49862 USA
Home Invasion
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-13-19
Ad Expiration:06-13-20