Nateska Velez # 28397-078
Carswell F M C - Camp ET
P O Box 27137
Fort Worth   TX   76127   USA
Nateska Velez
Hi! I’m a Hispanic and Native American woman from Dallas, TX who’s a loyal Pisces to the fullest. Me being a spontaneous person who’s funny with a great personality, I definitely enjoy meeting new people. I’m most importantly an open-minded person who is non-judgmental. I must say I take pride in my cooking and also enjoy experimenting with food in the kitchen. I just pretty much have a good taste for great food.

I like stand-up comedy, kickboxing and football, GO COWBOYS! My favorite music is R&B and Latin Hip Hop but then again I actually like all kinds of music. I’ve made some poor choices in the lifestyle I had before coming in here, but I can honestly say reevaluating my morals & values in life has helped me become a strong-minded woman.

I am hoping to meet some new friends who love to laugh and have a positive outlook on life. If you are looking for an awesome friend who is easy to talk to, I am 100% that special lady. I look forward to hearing from you, write me!

Women, Men, Friends
Native American
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