Chris Ward
Dear reader, 

Hi, how are you? Do you like to know where your man is 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week? Would you give a chance to a guy who has done wrong and tries to do good whenever he can? What if he could do bad if he had to? Into somebody that writes poetry, whence inspired? Interested in someone that is sensitive and will talk about his feelings?

Where would you rate a man that likes to please others before himself? Is it wrong to be so loyal it hurts? Can it be okay to cry if a movie so moves me? Have you ever found all those qualities and more in one before?

May I tell you a secret? I have been untouched in here for 18 years, that's how straight I am alone in here since 2002, waiting patiently, for you. If you said yes to any of the questions, then maybe you would like to write.

P.S. if you were wondering about my shoe size, it's 13 EEEE. Ask me anything and I will answer forthright.

My lover
Is out there
She has
No face
No features
To distinguish
Whom she is
She is
Pure of heart
Breadth of soul
She will not
Of that which
I have done
She will love me
For me
And what it is
That I
Am to do
How to reach her
I know not
But maybe
One day
It will be
Til then
All I can do
Is be me.
I don't care if you lay with him this day
I just want to lay with you one day
And every day there after.

Blue eyes. Tall, dark &… With curly hair.
If you think I've earned a response…

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