Chris Ward
Hi, how is your day?  The elephant in the room… in the 90’s I was a confused boy.  I had unresolved issues stemming from psychological abuse. I turned to substances to suppress this.  It only made things worse.  Ingesting L.S.D. in heavy amounts regularly for 2 years, itf distorted my thinking at that time, made me more aggressive.   My girlfriend tried to stab me with a pair of scissors.  21 years of suppressed and stifled emotions from the abuse of family & schoolyard bullies exploded onto one unfortunate person.  I stabbed her when she wanted to stab me.  I will always be sorry for this.  Please know, the boy I was then… confused, abused, unstable, a boy that went too far defending himself from a psychopath, is not the man I am today… reliable, loving, kind.  My past does not define who I am today.  It guides me to make better choices each and every day.  I know violence is not a solution to marital problems.  I coined a phrase… “Communication is key for harmony of togetherness” .   I’m not guilty of the crime holding me here today.  I try to do good whenever possible.  I’ve taken many courses to teach myself how to be a better person, making better choices.  I surround myself with good people, so in here I have only me.

I have two women in my life, my Mom and my sister.  Their love for me has not ever faltered.  They see something in me.  It is my hope that you will see this too.  I have done nothing wrong to you or your family, that is how I know there is a chance for us.  Loyal as a teddy bear, I cuddle like one, too.  I am full of love and kindness, despite my surroundings.  I hope I inspire you to write a few sentences to me.  I thrive on communication.  I wasn’t allowed a voice growing up.  You should know even if you were stark-raving mad at me, I would seek peace.  If you were so mad at me that you wanted to strike me, I would ask for a hug instead.  If you were so hot you couldn’t talk, I would disappear until we could.  If you punched me or worse, I would run away until you promised me not to do that, so we could talk. Woman to Man,  holding hands, together.

Chris Ward # 283350D
Warkworth Institution
P O Box 760
Campbellford   ON   K0L 1L0   Canada
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Native American,
Aggravated Assault
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Serving A Life Sentence
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