Jeremiah Miller # 277321
ASPC Eyman - Rynning
P O Box 3100
Florence   AZ   85132   USA
Jeremiah Miller
I’m Jeremiah. I’m 30 years old, extremely athletic and I love the outdoors.
I’m 6’1”, 220 of solid tattooed muscle.
I’m a very positive person and can’t hold a grudge to save my life. I like all music genres.
I like to make people laugh and to hear new jokes and have a great sense of humor.
I love all animals, usually bigger ones more so. I don’t like sitting around when things could be done. I’m looking to get to know you.  I don’t have a type as long as you're willing to write or email me, I will do the same. You can email me using the securus App on your phone or website
Description Of Me:
Like to work out
I’m a homebody
Want kids
Hiking & the outdoors
I love to drive, it doesn't matter where I am going or even if I'm stuck in traffic as long as I have good music and a full tank of gas, I will be happy. I want to travel the country & the world. I love all animals. The Bigger the Better.
Music:I like all genres, especially if it brings back good memories or has a good message.
Favorite Song: “What It’s Like” by:  Everlast
Favorite Color: Green. Not the color of $, but the green of a June Bug or plants.  I’m easy to get along with & like to make people laugh. I don't like bullshitters. I can't hold a grudge to save my life & am quick to forgive.
Turn offs:  Judgemental People
Turn Ons: Girls that like other girls. (Don’t consider that cheating)

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