Harold O'Hanlon

Hi ladies.

It's Harry here. I am friendly. I will give you a tickle and a hug! So how's it going with you? Great I hope. I am sitting here in this lonely cell with no friendly women to write to. I hope you like the pictures. Some are the senior prom and others are when I was in the Marines right after high school and when I was a volunteer firemen. I am not quite that young anymore but I am still young at heart. My cell here has no window. I am in a one man cell that's good. I don't have to fight to use the bathroom. I am in a real prison here I don't even want to tell you about the terrible things that happen here. The good news is I am still sexually straight and for a little guy, 5'6", 170 pounds I can punch with both hands. This place is dangerous. When I am in my cell I am bored to death. I have no TV and my FM radio cassette player isn't working. Nothing is free here. If you can't purchase it from the prison commissary (store) you don't have it. I do get these really nice greeting cards for $.40 cents, just like the ones you would get at a Hallmark store. They are so cheap because they are discontinued. You will love them. Birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards, Mother's Day cards, sympathy cards, thinking of you cards. I can't believe as crazy as this places it has such nice cards. Inside they have a message and room to write to you and outside they have some really nice pictures and drawings you'll see. I can't wait to write you. I am so excited.

I use to be a trucker at one time and I have been all over the country coast-to-coast and I love talking about all those different places. Now I am in the desert. The summer weather here is hot but the winter weather is fantastic, all we need is the ocean. I use to get this magazine with really nice pictures of the desert. I use to send them out in the mail to different places. My problem is I don't have anyone outside to send me magazines and things like that. I just make the best of it. Writing to you will make me feel fantastic and hope it will make you feel fantastic too. I hope you like the music I picked for you to listen to when reading my greeting to you. They don't put in any vocals just the music. My favorite song is what I like about you. Romantics. Hey! I like music, rock 'n roll new and old. I like one I know you will like sweet dreams are made of this. She is quite a singer. Who am I to disagree. When I was driving a truck across country I would listen to my music and sing to it, the people driving past that could see my face in the mirror were laughing. That job reminded me of the song here I go again on my own going down only road I've ever known. White snake sings that one. Being in here reminds me of the song to much time on my hands. Styx sings that one. Writing to you reminds me of the song I want you to take me to funky town. I like listening to music.

They have medical marijuana, pot here in Arizona except for inmates. If I were on the outside I would tell the radio station to have medical marijuana hour and at the end of the hour play the song take the long way home. The radio stations I like are the mountain 95.5 and the Oasis 95.1. They play all my favorite songs. I know the words to most of the songs they play. If they let me pick the music for an hour or two I would have everyone driving 10 miles an hour faster singing and tapping on this steering wheel. One time I was in a singles bar right at the beginning of happy hour and I filled the jukebox with money and picked all my songs. You should have seen it. Everybody started dancing and the bartender turned up the music. The women were all over me. I even got to take one home. I like having fun. I know you do too.

When they kicked me out of this prison some day (maybe) I will be playing the song moving out (Billy Joel) Yea, it feels so good to talk to you. I don't talk to anybody in here. They either want you to do something with your body or want your stough if you have any. Tell your friends not to get in trouble because prison is bad. Let's keep this positive.

I grew up in New York and New Jersey. I have a Jersey accent and people would laugh when I drove a cab in Phoenix. They would ask how do you know where to go. I told them I live here and when I didn't know where to go I would ask the customer and they would show me the fastest way to get there. Oh I miss being on the outside. I have been in prison over six years and a year and a half County jail fighting my case. I am stir crazy. I heard the CO's  (correctional officers guards) talking one time and they said don't let him (me) off of handcuffs he is a angry man that's what prison does to a person. You will laugh at the nicknames I have here Irish Spring! It's funny because I clean my cell with bar soap Irish Spring sent (Icy blast). It is so strong the whole place smells like Irish spring and it just so happens I am Irish. It really cleans the cell. I almost never see a brooch. I also put powder on the floor inside the front of the cell. What it does when they walk through it they can't breathe anymore. They run in and out slow, you can tell I am bored to notice these things.

I know when you write me you will tell me about all the things you like. I can't wait. I know you will really like the cards I sent you. I don't get to pick what they look like only what they say. They are nice. Now that I have a pen pal I can use the pink ones they sent sometimes and you are more than welcome to send me cards. I like sending them and receiving them to. They will put smiles on your face. I am easy to get along with. For most men their women have to look a certain way or have a certain income. For me a woman just has to be friendly to me. That's the one and only thing I care about. I am friendly to the woman I care about too. If I were on the outside we could go to Friendly's to get some ice cream. No ice cream in here. The food in here use to really suck. Now the food is a lot better. So much better I will definitely put on weight. I like to work out. I do push-ups, run in place, punch my mattress, sit ups and hangs under my table. Most of the inmates are a lot bigger than me so if they're going to be a problem I will sucker punch them. I fight to win. I get in trouble for it but I lost a couple of fights before that and now I have seizures. There will be no more of that.

Do you like driving? I miss driving so much. One of my neighbors let me look at his magazine called motor trend. It was pictures of cars. Yeah, I really enjoy TV inmates that have tv says the car commercials are the best. If I won the lottery I would get a brand-new mustang or Camaro. I would drive all over the place with you as my copilot. I would even let you drive too. We would have so much fun together we would stop at only the best hotels the biggest swimming pools in the best food. I can already picture that in my mind. We would cruise from San Diego to Seattle and from Miami to Maine. We would be America's happiest couple. Yeah! I guess you can tell I miss dating. I have already been married once and have no problem being married again. Our theme song would be I'm going to run to you, Bryan Adams and sweet dreams are made of this, Eurythmics.

I hope reading my letter (greeting) put you in a great mood . If I start getting magazines again I will send you pictures of the desert in the high country, you will love it. The magazine is nonprofit to create tourisiam. In Arizona our car license plates at the bottom say the Grand Canyon's state.

I can't wait to hear from you. I am sitting here singing the song urgent emergency, Foreginer. Writing to you has made me a whole lot happier. Let me know how you are doing. My nickname is Harry but don't put it in my address.

LOL , Harry  :)

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