Freddie Widener
Federal prisoner, 5'9", 195  lbs., Brown eyes, brown hair, fit, healthy, I was 63 February 27, 2019, feel 45, no feel 30 :).

Never miserable, have cheerful disposition, great sense of humor, love a good joke. I start my days early with a positive outlook and thanks to God, that is how I end my days. I know there is one God but I don't go to church.

I am in federal prison for a robbery of pharmaceuticals and a handgun charge, September 2010, Baltimore,MD. my release to halfway house is May-June 2026, 7 more years but I have a serious postconviction pending since 2016 awaiting a US Supreme Court decision in another controlling  case. I win I'm out!

No Internet here but I am Google-able :) for sure.

I enjoy many interests and hobbies such as any kind of motor racing, muscle cars, motorcycles, flea markets, yard sales and a Sunday drive to nowhere, a diner we've never been to or likeā€¦ The beach, camping, concerts, rock& roll, country and doing what others enjoy! Going to dollar store to get candy and then going to the movies and TV is great also. Dogs and cats are part of family, babies, what else can I say.

I was born and grew up in the country, Northern Baltimore County Maryland, 20 minutes from the mall :). Over the years I have lost all my family and really do not have anyone to write or email or call, I pay.

I am a good man who in my past was an outlaw, that's the truth. I am old-school. In the years I was doing the jobs that landed me here I never shot or harmed anyone except emotionally and that I am sorry for every day. Elderly folks, women and little ones hold a special place in my heart.

If you want a friend, or someone in your life that has good values and will be there for you please write to me as I am really lonely. I have no one to reach out to on good days or bad, help finding something on the net, just to talk to, may be love or just be friends, guys and gals.

Everyone in the free world take care and be good, smile.

Hope to hear from you soon.
Freddie Widener # 27429-037
Federal Correctional Institution
P O Box 1000  
Otisville, NY 10963 USA
Female, Friends
Believe in God
Robbery Handgun (Firearm)
Release Date
05/2026 Halfway House (Out)
Ad Start: 05-09-19
Ad Expiration:05-09-20