Archie Cooper
My name is Archie Cooper. # 274-041, and I'm from the state of Virginia.

I've been in prison since 1997 and am up for parole in 2021. I'm getting close to hopeful freedom in the near future.

I ws born on August 17, 1962 am 6' tall, blue eyes, bald head and for my age I"m in really great shape. I love working out, listening to country music and old rock-n-roll.


I'm seeking friendship or just someone to pass the time with. I've got a good ear and I don't play games. I am an up-front type of person and I do not want any money-a letter or some mail from the free world is just fine. I have nothing to hide and things seem more serious then they are. I will answer all letters any any questions.

So, if you think nothing is going your way, then you better write me a letter so I can bring your spirits up and let you know that life is precious. I'm already in no-man's land and anything in the free world is special, no matter what is going on in your life. so, take five minutes of your time and talk to me. and have a great day.

Archie Cooper # 274041
P O Box 534  
Jessup, MD 20794 USA
Women, Men, Friends, Legal Help
Attempt Murder 2nd Degree Rape B&E
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 04-23-20
Ad Expiration:04-23-21