Aleksys L Garcia
l am a man who longs for what most deny themselves, what many fail to cherish. l value "Truth Above All", so l hate lies and am someone who accepts the fact that no one is perfect. Although this does not deter me from seeking a better version of myself, and in doing so l endeavor to maintain a frame of mind which seeks growth, not just for myself but for any who God places in my life. ln the end, few things last forever and because of this l choose to embrace " The Moment".

l choose to see past myself and perceive the value found in those who have my love and loyalty, those who my heart cannot help but beat for. After all, for those who have my Love and Loyalty, there is little l will not do...

Prior to incarceration, my heart was broken by the mother of my son. l hadn't experienced heartache before, so putting it kindly, l handled it in poor fashion. lnstead of simply relieving the heartache through tears, l mistakenly used the "Spice" incense most of my high school peers had been smoking in 2010. It was being advertised as "organic" and a "safe" alternative to marijuana.

But the dangers of these new synthetic drugs hadn't been disclosed. The chemicals used in SPICE were later proven to cause a "Chemically Induced Psychosis", which occurred in my circumstance. Case in point, l'm in prison for murder. However, it is "felony murder", which is to say l didn't personally kill anyone. But l was there, and since my codefendant fled, l received the full punishment.

Currently, l'm fighting my case in State Court by means of a Rule 33. This, as my actions during the crime, were directly influenced by said Synthetic Chemicals. Therefore, my actions and presence at the scene were involuntary, because the Chemically lnduced Psychosis was involuntary. After all, l had No idea there was a dangerous chemical in the incense l was inhaling.

Before prison, l was graduating high school, had passed my ASVAP with a 83, and had a 15,000.00$ signing bonus waiting for me once l joined the Marines. l was proficient in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Boxing, to the extent that l had a sponsorship awaiting me through CFS, a fight club like UFC or PFL. My future was bright...

Ultimately, l'm here seeking a genuine connection, one founded upon Honesty and Growth. It is why l'm being transparent and speaking from the heart, rather than Only exposing my wit and light hearted nature. Frankly, l don't know how to be anyone other than myself. Thus, openness and exposer of the Bad along with the Good comes naturally.

That said, and before l bore you further...Lol..^_^ lf you Are interested in corresponding, l suggest you do so through "e-mail" rather than its snail-mail counterpart. Simply create accounts in Securus and Jpay, then sync them together, this will facilitate any communication.

Until then, Blessings!

Aleksys L Garcia # 273617
ASPC Lewis Barchey
P O Box 3200
Buckeye   AZ   85326   USA
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Mexican American
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence