Harold N. Martin
Michigan Prisoner Seeking a  Penpal

Dear reader (s),

My name is Harold Nicolas Martin, a.k.a. "Nick", I am 40 years old, a father of three, and have several siblings. I was born in mid-Michigan USA, and raised in a rural town called Beaverton. I am extroverted, exuberant, and passionate of community enrichment and children's charities. I respect everyone; each day I commit to serving God as I practice my Christian faith, and look for opportunities to interact in supporting and uplifting ways.

Born into a trade union family, I became proficient in heavy industry critical pressure welding as both a boilermaker and pipefitter (12 yrs.). My dreams were: a larger family, aspiring to labor leadership, coupled with real estate investment 9yrs). Tragically, a mental health problem (2007) led to my incarceration in 2010 resulting in separation from most of my family. I'm serving a 25-50 years for guilty but mentally ill 2nd° murder; my earliest release date is March 4, 2035. Unexpectedly, I overcame mental illness (2016) in prison, this drove me to figure out how. I discovered (2019) that excessive occupational welding fumes/dust (manganese madness) likely caused misdiagnosis (2007) and severe illness, which was overlooked both at diagnosis and later during murder trial. The result: involuntary intoxication defense never explored as the culprit. Presently, I'm over four years full remission and discharged from outpatient mental health care. To read more, including victims memoriam see: https://haroldnmartin.blogspot.com/.

Thankfully,in 2019 I began a fully-accredited university Bachelor degree program in "Faith and Community Leadership" (Class of '24), social work/education is my goal. Upon my release, I'd like to pursue my prior goals. In addition to those, I'm interested in combining my previous skills with my degree and establish an accredited faith-based welding school for disadvantaged people.

A quote to live for:
"Providence can rebuild the edifice for which misfortune destroyed."
The Court of Monte Cristo

I enjoy (ed) several outdoor recreational activities, such as: fishing, hunting, camping, boating, canoeing, downhill skiing and more. Lakeside backcountry, campfires involved home living is my taste.

(1) What are your interests?
(2) Have similar traits/goals?
(3) Do you enjoy reading and learning?

I am lonely, seeking to find healthy, vibrant friendships from like-minded people. I'm a "straight"man and hope my prayer to meet a woman friend to enjoy life with will be answered. I would love to have someone to share my learning with while I attend school and beyond; it has been over 10 years since I interacted with a woman. Furthermore, I hope to attract those who recognize the injustice I suffer, and are willing to find support (ers) or personally can assist in getting my story heard. I believe my case is unique and meritable, but lacks funds/experts to be presented.

(1) Email account: Jpay.com
(2) Address provided above
Return address required, envelopes are destroyed.

I look forward to your reply.


Harold N Martin # 272958
R A Handlon Correctional Facility
1728 W Bluewater Highway 
Ionia, MI 48846 USA
Friends, Legal Help
Caucasian, Native American
Guilty but Mentally Ill 2nd Degree Murder
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