Faron Roper
Faron Roper # 270975
Coyote Ridge Correctional Center
P O Box 769
Connell   WA   99326   USA
Hello, my new friend. I will get right to the point of this ad, as you may be busy. I am looking for (3) three thing(s). 1. A wife, 2. A lawyer or attorney 3. A CEO/V.P. to oversee a $Billion Dollar Multinational Business I am hoping to start soon.

As per the rules of (prison pen pals), I cannot talk business in this ad. However, we can talk shop all we want in letters or in person. I am 64 years young at the present. I am looking for a down to earth, homegrown, girl next door woman, with a smile so radianting that she does not need make-up to be gorgeous.

Please, do not be shy to respond to this ad due to my age or current location. My freedom would change my location. If you are a lawyer or know someone who is, perhaps you could help me with that endeavor, my Freedom. My innocence is not hard to prove.

I am 6’ 190-195  and athletic, still. I love, yes, adore women. I am a great listener and write super, fun-filled letters. Please, if you are not a lawyer/attorney and are not female/woman, please don't respond to this ad. Thank you.

I look forward to learning from a most special woman(s). I wish you much love and great success in your life. All my love always, your new friend.

Faron Roper

Ad Start: 02-08-2024
Ad Expiration:  02-08-2025
Legal Help
Caucasian, Native American
Rape of Child 1st Degree (Falsely)
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence w/out Parole