Aaron Winters
Aaron Winters # 269445    
266 Water Street    
Eddyville, KY 42038 USA
My name is Aaron. I am posting this ad with hopes of finding friendship and connections on the outside. I have never been good at picking friends, so hopefully by placing this ad I will be picked by a good, quality friend or two. I’m a fun-loving, energetic, out-going guy from KY. Currently locked up for assault. I’m not a bad guy, just one who made a mistake and is doing the time for it. I try to use that time as constructively as possible by completing as many classes and programs as possible. I am determined that this will be not only my first incarceration, but also my ONLY one!

I am looking for positivity and steady, dependable friendship. I have a ton of really good qualities and hope that someone reading this will take the time to see that for themselves. I have strong morals and goals; respect, honesty and loyalty are very big to me. I hope to find someone of similar integrity and depth. A few of my hobbies include reading, cooking, exercise, poetry, music and almost anything out doors.  I should probably also mention that I am gay in case that matters. Hope it doesn’t and to hear from you soon.

Postal mail is my only available method of communication, so if this ad has piqued your interest, then please pick that pen up and shoot me a letter. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.  No colored paper, colored envelopes or address stickers allowed. Only blue or black ink.

Ad Start: 08-12-21
Ad Expiration:  08-12-22
Men, Friends
1st Degree Assault
Release Date