Benjamin Hamm
Benjamin Hamm # 265015    
Osborn Correctional Institution
335 Bilton Road  
Somers, CT 06071 USA
Dear Pen Pal,

Hi, how are you, me I'm ok I guess. I'm on here looking to meet someone. It age, sex, race are not an issue. I'm 36 years old, 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes. I weigh 145 lbs. I'm looking for friends and possibly to meet someone special.

I have a good heart and I'm loyal. It gets extremely lonely here and mail is the only thing I look forward to. I don't receive much at the moment. I'm looking for anything from kinky sex talk to friendly talk and everything in between.

I get out 2021 so we will have some time to get to know one another.

I like music, movies and video games. I also like the outdoors, as you can see I love animals as well. I'm involved in a computer class in here, but we can't access Internet so that stinks. My Facebook is my name. I'm able to receive photos so feel free to send some.

I really hope something in this letter sparks your interest and you write me soon. I look forward to getting to know you. But hey until then smile and be strong.

Yours truly,
Benjamin Hamm
Women, Men, Friends
Burglary 2nd
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