Terrance Williams


My name is Terrance Williams aka Gangsta, I was born and raised in New Orleans in a single-parent home along with two brothers, one older the other younger. My mother did her best to keep a roof over our heads and food in our mouths. One day my older brother and I got tired of the thick government cheese and hard cereal so we decided to try helping people with their bags at a grocery store called Winn Dixie which only paid a few cents sometimes a dollar here and there. Once I started seeing the finer things that my mother couldn't afford I took the streets of the big easy like a horse at the Kentucky Derby, I loved the spotlight and the attention that came with being a hot boy until the FBI arrested me March 6, 1998 for continuing criminal enterprise & solicitation to murder. I received a life sentence at the age of 21 leaving behind my mother and 10 children, 5 girls and 5 boys.
While incarcerated I began to get myself togther then I started reaching out to the at risk youth and, I was featured on the front cover of a magazine titled "Feds magazine", I did an interview with the source magazine and I wrote a letter in the Ozone magazine", speaking out to the at risk youth. In 2011 I put together a nonprofit organization "Hug The Block" to help the children in need but everybody I reached out to was to busy to help out. I plan to keep going with it once released God will. With all the new laws being passed I am praying one applies to my cse and reduce my sentence. If you have any questions feel free to ask. There are a lot of lies about me on social media when you google  me and you'll see all the madenss make sure to add Gangsta with my name.

I am a very good listener, I have low tolerance for a liar, If you just want to talk I'm here to converse. Remember I am not perfect, everyday I strive to better myself and help those around me as well as those who are close to me to become a better person.

Take care
Terreance Gansta Williams

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