Pierre C Brown


My name is Pierre, it is actually French; I'm from Chicago, but I was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the city of Kings. I'm a dedicated, determined, passionate, ambitious, and creative person. I spend most of my time working out, reading, writing and drawing. I enjoy laughing and having fun. I strive to make the best out of every situation. We only live once; it is important to maximize our experience ansnail staying positive in the key..

I'm looking for a woman to correspond with the old school way, snail male, but if it's more convenient to email (Jpay.com) me then that Avenue is also open. I'm not trying to lock anybody down and have 'em doing this time with me. We all got enough problems of our own; no sense in adding someone else's to the mix. I'm just trying to kick it with somebody cool who's capable of holding a decent conversation. I've always believed that a man with unrealistic expectations prone to bypassing realistic opportunities, so I have no outrageous expectation with this.

I don't need to lie or be lied to. There's always a girl trying to convince a dude she can hold him down and be faithful well he does his time, but that's unrealistic expectation! Only the rarest of circumstances allow such a thing! I don't even expect all that! I'm just trying to find a friend who will appreciate me for the man I am, my mind and my spirit, and take it from there. So, hit me up, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Pierre C Brown # 257440
970 Pickett Avenue N
Bayport, MN 55003  USA
Women, Friends
African American
Double Homicide
2049 (Appeal in Progress)
Ad Start: 12/19/19
Ad Expiration:12/19/20