Jamie Forrester
Jamie Forrester # 257179    
Kentucky State Reformatory 
3001 W Highway 146    
Lagrange, KY 40032 USA
Greetings! my name is Jamie Forrester.

I am currently incarcerated for 4 counts of Wanton endangerment. I am seeking legal assistance to try and have my 4 counts run concurrent in accordance with concurrent sentencing laws reducing or vacated sentence.

This is my first time felony conviction, it is a class D non-violent felony. I have 20 years with five years for each count of Wanton endangerment. Currently, I have been incarcerated over eight years.

I am also looking to get medical treatment for debilitting neck and back injuries. Currently I am being denied physical therapy and adequate treatment. In my opinion me not receiving the right medical treatment was a major contribution to me ending up in prison. I have my neurological conditions diagnosed by a neurologist and a chiropractor and I'm still being denied adequate treatment. My diagnosis were submitted to a federal judge for a disability evaluation, the staff here says "We don't have to honor outside doctors opinions."

Please help me in any way you can. Thank you for your time and careful consideration.

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Caucasian Native American Semetic Noble
4 Counts Wanton Endangerment 1st°
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