Richard Daigle
Richard Daigle # 256591
Brooklyn Correctional
59 Hartford Road
Brooklyn   CT   06234   USA
Just a quick hi to say hello ladies and to thank you for taking time to check my profile out.

I'll try to keep this short because as you know it's difficult not to brag about yourself when you know you are filled with so many great qualities, so here's a few of mine.

I am a great listener who love's to encourage and inspire and fill your heart with joy and laughter that will always keep a smile on your face, a true friend that wants to keep you up when the world around you wants to bring you down, someone to remind you of who you are and can be, when those around you aren't and never can be.

In a broken judgmental world I'll help you remain balanced with a piece of mind, a voice to the reason you shouldn't sink into the belief of your doubter's and haters, because allthough I'm in prison, emotionally and mentally I'm free.  I'm not going to allow this world or current situation to hold me captive, I'm filled with life, love and laughter and I want those around me to feel the same.

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Violation of Probation, Assault 3rd
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