David McCloud # 450681
Eastern Correctional Institution - 2554531
30420 Revells Neck Road
Westover   MD   21890   USA
David McCloud
Perfectly Imperfect
I'm not an A.I.

Honestly I don't know if I may find the proper words to give someone the opportunity to reach out as a pen-pal. What I can do is speak my truth and hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. What I ask of whomever may read this is to give me the benefit of the doubt and to get to know me as a person and not just an ad. I hope that's not asking too much. I'm new to the pen-pal service.

Furthermore, I would like to get to know different people, styles, culture, personality or creed. Meet new people or a new person out there in the world beyond being cage as an animal and being treated as lesser than. Another kind of human interactions and connections other than what this place has to offer. A pen-pal that may grow into a friendship.

More or less a little information about myself. I’m forward but not aggressive, bold but humble, humble not shy, strong and silent type. Intelligent, not in a snobbish way, smart however always willing to learn, confident not arrogant. Come judge for yourself. I've been informed since I can recall, that I'm a young man with an old soul, that's full of life. Wise beyond my years. I'm charming and charismatic. I'm just trying to be open about how people said they've seen me and how I see and know myself. Come to think of it, I've hardly ever been told I'm funny. I've gotten a few laughs in conversations but I'm no comedian. Anyhow, I'm open-minded. I've studied many subjects and topics. I like to say, “a jack of all trades and a master of some.” I prefer cinema over music. However, my taste in music is varied, from R & B, Rap, Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Rock, Soul and Jazz. If I were to have a top pick I would choose R&B late '80s-'90s vibe. Speaking of which, side note, I've taught myself to play guitar. Amateur at best. There is more I can discuss about myself, however I like to leave a little mystery until we may converse. Plus to get to know one another is a two-way street.

Nevertheless, if whomever doesn't mind me asking. Where are you from? Age (if you don't mind)? Hobbies? What brings you to find a pen-pal? What are some of your character traits? What's the most unique thing about yourself?  What's the least unique thing about yourself?  What peaks your interest in others?  What turns you away from others?  Whatever else you may want to inform me of or ask me, I'm listening. Will answer to the best of my abilities.

In addition, I'm not a person of games. I don't like to run them or have them run on me. I do have a support system of loved ones that’s around to show their support in my efforts to regain my freedom and clear my name. I've said that to say, I may have folks around, however it is not the same as what I'm looking for, like something's missing. I don't know what I'm looking for exactly, but I have a feeling it's out there. You know one of those things that you know when you see or find it. If that makes sense.

Instead of thanking you later, I rather thank you now, thanks for your time and effort.


African American
Islam, Sunni
Attempted Murder 2nd (VOP), S Assault 2nd (Innocent)
2038 Least
Ad Start: 08-10-2023
Ad Expiration: 08-10-2024