Michael Austin
Michael Austin # 255095  
ASPC-Eyman Rynning Unit
P O Box 3100     
Florence, AZ 85132  USA
Being incarcerated has shown me how to find comfort in distant.

Day after day I'm finding strength mentally and emotionally being forced to live outside my comfort zone. I took a lot of life simple joys and pleasures for granted. So that's the only hurtful part of being stuck in a place like this. Even though my body is at a standstill, my mind is free as a bird.

My memories keep me at peace with my situation both the good and bad ones. Good ones keep me smiling in the bad keep me humbled as well as balanced. Just knowing what led me to this point in my life. Today is only tomorrow's memories so I thrive on positivity and happiness, for the future.

The one word that describes me best is authentic! My biggest fear is being irrelevant. I love to sing, my favorite artist are The Weekend and Party Next Door. The type of music I write and sing is similar to their sound.

Friendship as well as a great relationship starts with communication, compassion and commitment. So if you decide to reach out to me I want you to know I'm all in.

I can be reached through email through Jpay.com.

Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
Attempted Murder Aggravated Assault Kidnapping
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