Maurice Mayes
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New Haven, MI 48048  USA
Hello world,

My name is Maurice Mayes. I thought this would be a wonderful way to gain friendship with a woman who doesn't mind exchanging life stories with a person that is locked up.

First of all I'm 40 years old. I'm from Saginaw, Michigan. I'm kindhearted, I'm open-minded, I'm definitely down to earth. I cherish my friendship with those I care about.

I like reading, listening to music and always open to try different things but unfortunately I am serving a 24 1/2 year sentence for a armed robbery. I've been down since 2004. I admit I'm not perfect at all. I'm hoping that you will not judge me before you give me that chance to get to know you. So please don't make a decision on what type of person you think I am based on my current circumstances.

Well if you're reading my thoughts and feelings only mean that you're debating on giving a brother that chance to get to know.

You can contact me on We can send each other messages. I will be looking forward to hearing from you. Until then be sweet.

Yours truly,
Maurice Mayes

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