Steven Brockett
Steven Brockett # 252216
Cheshire Correctional Institution
900 Highland Avenue
Cheshire   CT   06410   USA
My name is. Steven I’m 51 yrs. old. I'm nn Aquarius, born on Valentines day.

I'm currently incarcerated for murder and serving a 40-year sentence. I'm seeking to find a person to build a friendship. I do enjoy writing letters and talking if possible.

My interests are reading novels and military history. Nature is a passion of mine. I always love to camp and fish every year. Listening to the sounds of the river flowing, the wind blowing the leaves in the trees and all the sounds of nature all around. Placing wood on the fire and hearing the crackle and watching the flames licking at the fresh log. This is one of a select few definitions of the word beautiful.

I will share my thoughts on my other few when I hear from you, just don't forget to ask me about them. The one thing with conversing I am serious about is being honest. If you ask me a question I will answer truthfully and from my heart. I am  a very focused listener. I believe if you hear what a person says, you'll truly understand what they are saying and the meaning of what they are saying. I've learned to listen first, think second, process next before responding.

I currently read from 10 different authors. I would very much enjoy a conversation of what and who exactly I've read and currently reading.

I would love to know if you read anything and if not that's okay, just maybe you'll pick up one after you hear my description and experience of the journey reading has taken me on.

My favorite pet is an English Bulldog. I was blessed with the once in a lifetime companion. His name was Meathead. I waited 38 years to finally meet him. I miss him everyday. Cats are cool too.

I'll leave room for your thoughts and questions when I hear back from you. I do hope to hear from an honest and compassionate friend who enjoys deep conversations.

Until then you stay safe in this new world of all those health concerns out there.

Thank you for reading my profile.

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