David Lilly
"Hey Love"

I hope and pray that by the day and time that you may come across my ad that it will not only just find you in the best of health but that your mind will be at peace and ease with you as well! Along with that everything is good and well with you and yours out there.

Any way to move it right along my name is David Lilly, a.k.a."D-Wild". I'm 37 years old, from New Haven, Connecticut. Brown skin, 5'11" weigh about 190 all muscle, bald head with a lot of tattoos. I'm a good, loving, strong, loyal, single man that likes to read, write, work out, & listen to music.

I'm not on this site because I need your money! I'm not on this site because I'm not trying to run game, and meet a bunch of different females that's not the case at all!! I'm on this site for 1 reason and that is to meet a good, loving, loyal, strong, single, real woman that I could not only get to know, but to build with and grow to love wholeheartedly at the end of the day! Because that's the only part of life that I have yet to experience which is "true love".

Looks, age, size, or race is not a big deal to me! As long as you're confident in who you are as a woman, is real, loyal,& is not about games! That's what matters to me.

I'm not perfect, as a man I made some mistakes in life in the past while I was out there living that street life that I am paying for right now. So please don't judge me! Instead get to know, give me a chance!

I promise you 2 things.
1. You will not regret it!
2. I will not waste your time.
Every woman needs a strong man. Well here I am! Now are you this strong woman that I'm looking for? If so write back soon. Until then take care of yourself.

P.S. Yours truly,
Women only please
David Lilly # 251862
Garner Correctional Institution
50 Nunnawauk Road
Newtown, CT 06470 USA
African American
Gun Charge Assault 1
Release Date
Ad Start: 02-08-18
Ad Expiration:02-08-19