John Booker Jr
Gracious greetings, 

Throughout my life, I have strived for heaven, hid from hell and searched for God in the Catholic Church  (in which I was raised ), and Islam (Sunni and Shia), Orthodox Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Santeria, Voodoo, Wican, etc. only to discover and to realize that heaven, hell and God was within me from my very existence.

Though entertaining, informative and educational, the realm of history, politics, poetry and books have only provided me with a sanctuary from the sad reality that I have never experienced true friendship, true family, true love and among many other things, life.

I invite you who have been guided to this profile to show and share these life experiences with me in this life and the next.

With the sincerest intentions,
Your fellow human being in bondage.

P.S. whether you correspond through this penpal site or write to me direct, if I do not respond it is not that I am ignoring you but I did not receive your correspondence. Please give me the opportunity 1 month to respond, if still no response, you may message/write me until contact is made.
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