John Booker Jr # 25124-031
FCI - Oxford
P O Box 1000
Oxford, WI  53952 USA
John Booker Jr
To begin I must inform you of my inexperience in life.

This is all a first for me, so if I'm not "good" at this or say the "wrong" thing, forgive me. I am a virgin, who has never dated , never seen the ocean or really experienced what life has to offer. I have lived most of my life through books. Books have been my greatest and only companions and have taught me the spiritual, political, scientific, ethical and worldly knowledge that I so thoroughly enjoy.

I am perceptive, loving, just, loyal to perfection, spontaneous, humorous shamelessly honest, poetic, aware, open minded and finally ready to experience the joys of life.

It is my intention that this pen pal site will provide me with an opportunity to expereince life through YOU!

P.S. If I do not respond to your letter, it is not that I am ignoring you but that I did not receive your correspondence. Please give me a maximum of 3 weeks to respond. If still no response, you may write me until a response is given.

Women, Friends,
Legal Help
African American Caucasian
Attempted use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction Attempted Destruction of Government Property by Fire & Explosion
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