Attention Friends, Attorneys, Pen Pals. Ariel loves you! Hello children of the Universe. Going by my future legal name, I am Ariel Leslie Smith, a pan sexual transgender female and truly one of a kind. I am not seeking romance, money, or manipulations.

A near death experience a few years ago has made my Life's Task and what really matters in life very clear to me. We all have a “Life's Task” activity that will allow true happiness. Sadly, so many of us don’t know this and seek to fill the emptiness with vices that will only provide temporary, fake happiness.

The wreckage of my past, once viewed as a good reason to feel bitter. I now understand this was a necessary experience to make me see the Light I am today and was always meant to be.

I have been openly transgender since 2021, I’m finally alive.

My Life’s Task is “helping people”. The happiness I get from that can be experienced but words can't explain it.

I am transitioning from male to female, my activities are trangender activism and teaching The New Thought Truth Movement.

Attorneys, I need help with a lawsuit and getting my undeserved sentence reduced.

Love, Peace


Beryl Smith # 251016
Little Sandy Correctional Complex
505 Prison Connector
Sandy Hook   KY   41171   USA
or at
Beryl Smith
Women, Men, Friends,
Legal Help
New Thought Truth Movement
Release Date
25 to Life
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