Patrick (Panda) McIntosh
I'm lonely in solitary confinement with no one except family.

I write poems that are posted on poetry wall.or under Patrick  M. Charleston SC.

I'm seriously related to Wild B.C. and former US Congressman H.B.. I'm a political prisoner for my Facebook comic agitprop and pro free-speech views on college campus. The government has inprisoned me under the guise of preventing domestic terrorism. I need a civil rights attorney in SC or Georgia.

I will write anyone. My type is Goth/cave girls that are short with big breast. I prefer girls that keep themselves hairy. I'm open to marrying a woman so she can become a citizen. I would love to take the girls virginity.

My stats are: 5'8", 180 pounds, blue eyes, brown hair, and above average length. My brother looks just like Brad.P. and people say I'm better looking. My picture is horrible. I'm very intelligent. Will you come cuddle with your new panda  bear?

I do not need any money. I'm a good man and not a criminal. Please send photos of yourself in lingerie. I'm worth your time and will be good to you forever.
Patrick (Panda) McIntosh # 24876171
Medical Center for Federal Prisoners
P O Box 4000
Springfield, MO 65801-4000 USA

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