Paul Cooper
To start I'm a very laid-back person, but I do like excitement, and going on adventures. I love riding four wheelers, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. I like going to the beach and barefoot in the sand or just sitting around an open fire and talking with friends.

My picture show me with hair, but I have going bald on top, and now I shave my head and face once a week, even my mustache. I have only one tattoo so far, I would like to get more but not sure what I want.

I grew up in a couple of different states because my father was a truck driver and he would base home where ever he liked. I did homeschooling in the passenger seat of a tractor-trailer, so I got to see a lot of the United States. That stopped at the age of 10, and I went to school from then on. I graduated high school and then went on to work many different jobs over my life, whatever paid the bills.

I got seven years left on a 20 year sentence which I'll be out around August 2027 but now I take it day by day and look towards the future and hope to find that special someone, since I have no wife or kids or any girlfriends and I'm 46 now.

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Paul Cooper # 248035
Lee Adjustment Center
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Beattyville, KY 41311 USA
Caucasian Asian Native American
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