James Yurrick
I'd be blessed if you would share with me your interest, hopes, life experiences, struggles, and all that makes you the unique person you have become, and in turn, it would be my pleasure to share my life with you.

Some topics I would enjoy discussing are organic gardening, nutrition, spirituality, meditation, yoga, cooking, and sustainable living, permaculture, back to basics, kayaking, camping, and most anything nature related.

I'm interested in learning about anthropology, the cultures of India, Pakistan, South East Asia and the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Vedanta. It would be cool if you have knowledge of Eastern cultures, or likewise, a desire to learn more.

Could you see yourself barefoot in a garden on a warm summer's day?

I am most at peace and happy when sitting around the campfire and sharing a meal with family and friends. Where is her happy place?

Have you ever lived without a microwave, and are you, or could you, see yourself being comfortable without the modern convenience? I find great joy in using cast iron cookware, a coffee press and a teapot, a hand-cranked juicer, etc.

Where are you at spiritually, if at all I grew up in a Protestant Christian home. Not one time in my life of 52 years did I ever hear my parents ever speak poorly of a human of a different race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. I see the love of Christ in my parents, and their Christianity has deeply affected my belief system. In addition to knowing Jesus, I find wisdom and other religions. I practice Buddhism and revere a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist priest who walks with me on my spiritual journey. I don't expect you to completely understand my spirituality but, I'm open to questions.

What is one of your unwavering belief that affect your daily life? For myself, a foundational belief is that all human beings are created equal, male, female, all races, ethnicity, regardless of culture, religion, sexual orientation, etc. etc. I also believe it is my right to have compassion for all, and I don't mean in a tolerant way; I have the freedom to accept everyone as like humans.

If you tend to be optimistic, compassionate, caring, gentle, grateful, and encouraging, it would be my joy to cultivate a lasting friendship. I look forward to hearing from you.
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