Raqueb Wallace
Men in prison matter…

Many in society have a misconception about us without giving us an opportunity to reveal who we are! My past mistakes doesn't define me. I'm not all that I could or should be, however, I've taken off those mental chains of  ignorance. Being in this hell for 28 straight years has enabled me to better myself and view life from another perspective. I've no regrets, and I embrace all that was meant for me to experience! I'm not religious-I do believe in God!

Beyond being in search of a lasting friendship. I'm in search of my heaven on Earth, someone who really understands the challenges of being in oneness while physically separated. I'm not afraid to meet someone from another race, I'm not afraid to meet someone who is looked at as different. True beauty arises from within.

Friendship is a luxury that many cannot afford, because it costs too much trust and responsibility. What I aspire in someone is; realness, the willingness to communicate, etc.

My definition of Love Is; Love is God and love is  giving another the power to hurt you, but trusting their not to.  Courage is sharing burdens and strength builds character, opportunities multiply as they're settled!
Let me give you what you deserve. Please don't confuse confidence with consent.  Family and Faith keeps me grounded!
I enjoy writing poetry, reading, sports, mentoring the youth, listening to music.  I'll become a licensed Barber soon!

My greatest fear is losing my mother while I'm still in prison! I can't wait to deliver sreiles to her. Instead of un-unnecessary pain.  I’m determined, loyal and honest. I love french fries, and all dogs (Bulldog is my favorite). My favorite quote is, “There's no vision, but by Faith.”

Things I respect are; God,self, everyone, contributors to history,the founder of the me too motivation and those in the LBGQI Community who stand on living what they believe.

I pray to hear from you, I patiently wait.
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