Davin McCray
Davin McCray # 242639
Stillwater M C F
970 Pickett Street N
Bayport   MN   55003   USA
My name is Davin McCray, I’m currently incarcerated at the Stillwater MCF in the State of Minnesota. I was sentenced to 60 months to 40 months, my charge is possession of a firearm and I’m to be released April 24th 2023. At this time I’ve got a little under 2 years left and my intentions on creating this profile is because I’m seeking friends as well as positive support.

Throughout this time, I’ve found peace within myself and the ability to keep a positive attitude while being productive during this negative experience.  My goal is to do everything in my power to learn from this situation and make it a point to come out of here a better version of me. I’d like to meet someone that has the same interest in forward progress and can keep me on my toes intellectually with conversation.

I’m 28 years of age, but my mentality as well as my maturity exceed the number due to numerous trials, tribulations, and the growth that’s come from those unfortunate events.  My personality is upfront, to the point, and direct but I’ve got an incredible sense of humor so by no means am I shy, I do well at breaking the ice. I’ve always been outspoken and good with words but I’m also very observant as well as an attentive listener.

It would make me feel good to meet someone that I’ve got a connection with so we can work on creating an undeniable bond.  I’m genuinely willing to put your time, effort and energy into corresponding whether it be by letter, JPay or by phone. The best way to contact me is through the JPay app. My OID # is 242639.

You’ll have to provide my name and my location, then you should be able to message me.

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