Peter Ambrose
Hey Momma it's me Peter Peter Amborse.

I'm not sure how to say this but I'm kind of well kind of a big deal. I like all sorts of different things, money, is one of my favorites.

Okay so also I'm a tattoo artist and singer/guitar player. I'm from Maine but live on the West Coast of the United states for many years. Seattle and San Diego are my favorite cities to live in.

As far as over here on this coast, Clearwater Florida and NYC are the places I live.

As far as my interest go I'm a huge movie fan, I hop freight trains to pass the year sometimes, traveling, Occult, long boarding and going to strange haunted places around the country. I collect things from people and places and have pals about everywhere.

Certain types I'd want to connect with would be someone like-minded, has goals, and someone who isn't a typical everyday girl. She has to be unique. I want to meet someone who really wants to connect and not fall off after a couple letters.

I'm a Libra, 6'2", muscular. I have a ton of videos on line, and really hope this pen how thing is for real.

Hope I hear from you soon.

Peter Ambrose # 24217
1182 Dover Road  
Charleton, ME 04422 USA
Release Date
12/2020 or 02/21
Ad Start: 10-31-19
Ad Expiration:10-31-20