Desmond Scott
Well hello everyone.

My name is Desomnd Scott from Minnesota, originally from west Africa, precisely Liberia. I am presently within the Minnesota correction facility of Lino Lakes for a crime I committed which is criminal sexual conduct. I am paying for the crime I committed but I do promise that's not who I am. I may have made some bad choices and mistakes that led me to where I am today, which I am now regretting and feeling very remorseful about, and doing my time.

I decided to make some self inventories and saw that something was wrong and needed the time, I did some deep soul-searching and came to realize that it all started with my thought process that starts in my mind.

Before I go any further, I will like to express my hobbies which are the things I love to do that includes cooking, fishing, reading, traveling, meeting new people, love nature, very friendly, empathy, team player, love the word, very hospitable, and my character are patients, kind, honest, compassionate, open and best of all loving, and much more.

So in light of the above, I am finally looking for someone that shares the same qualities as I and one that will not be judgmental but see me as a child of the most high God that has made a bad choice and needing got grace to get back on track because His word says that if we confess and repent, He can forgive us and that's how I feel today that I am a forgiven child and so I say (TGIF) which means thank God I'm forgiven and I have come to find the truth who is Jesus Christ and I will never, ever want to go back any longer because I don't want to be that person I was before because dad, I was there when they buried him and I promise that he's not coming back any longer.

So if you like what you hear and out there, I would love to talk with you and will be glad to share with you in depth because I want to be very open and honest with whatsoever I will say and I have come to believe that life is short, so I want to live it right and I won't mind sharing myself even though it's an uncomfortable situation. I am willing and ready to be vulnerable, so please check me out to learn or hear more.

God bless you.
Desmond Scott  # 240494
MCF-Lino Lakes
7525 4th Avenue 
Lino Lakes, MN 55014 USA
Criminal Sexual Conduct
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