Robert Radke
Robert Radke # 2404429
7405 State Highway 75 South
Huntsville   TX   77344   USA
Hi I'm Robert!

I don't know what to say on this profile but here it goes.

I've  made some mistakes in my life and now I am paying for them. I'm ready to get this behind me. I'm not looking for any kind of relationship, just friendship. I would like to build a solid foundation of friends to talk with and to listen too. I have an empathetic ear and would like to meet and learn about new people and let them know about me.

When I'm home I enjoy being outdoors, fishing and enjoying nature. I love kayaking and the beach, really any good reason to be out in the sun and around some water.

While I'm here I spend my time reading books, magazines, watching movies and sports. I really enjoy NFL Football but I watch a little bit of all sports. I also enjoy writing but I don't have anyone to write to. So I don't do much of it but I guess that is one of the main reasons I'm on this website. To receive and send correspondence with new friends. I’m excited to put this whole ordeal behind me and start fresh with new friends and another shot at life.

I'm a mechanic by trade and enjoy building custom hot rods, lifted trucks and. Harleys. When I get home I have some plans to build a couple custom rides and finish my Dodge Cummins that I started on back in 2021.

I'm doing the best I can in my situation.

If you would like to get to know me and would like a new friend, feel free to write me!

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