Jason Blake

My name is Jason Blake and to tell you a little bit about me. I'm 34 years young and I'm from Baltimore city. Very energetic, I have a wonderful sense of humor and I always try to see the positivity in everybody and everything. Even though I was and I still am locked up for selling drugs I was only trying to support my family because I am selfless and I always put the people I care about first in my life. I have been incarcerated for 6 years now and it really has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. I've honestly gotten the chance to know me and learn to love myself.

I am confident, outspoken, very ambitious, and motivated that is why I am an aspiring artist, my passion is music and that is one of the things that has kept me levelheaded and grounded during this incarceration.

I'm 5'10", 240 pounds of please believe it's muscle. I'm mentally, physically, spiritually in the best shape of my life and am ready to share this with another woman who shares my same values, morals, and interest.

The kind of woman I'm looking for has to be strong-willed, down-to-earth, and has to have a sense of humor. I want a woman who has the confidence to not only know what she wants but has the power to get up and get it.

I'm coming home soon, so I honestly want a woman you cannot only help me with legal work I want someone who I can grow and build with, someone who I can be in the present and have a future.

I do accept donations, but more importantly all I ask is for time, time to learn you so me and you can turn into we, time to learn what makes you laugh, and cry, time to learn what I have to do to earn your love, loyalty, trust.

If you are interested in a man like me please write me directly at the address provided, please put both my ID numbers next to my name on the envelope #2402682 and 459540.

In conclusion I look forward to meeting a sensual, beautiful, intelligent woman because as of right now even though I don't exist in your world, I would love for you to exist in mine.
Jason Blake # 2402682/459540
18800 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown, MD 21746 USA

Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American
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