Dhati Coleman
Dhati Coleman # 240257
Osborn Correctional Institution
335 Bilton Road
Somers   CT   06071   USA
My name is Dhati Coleman, but, almost everyone who knows me all call me E-Man. I’m a Taurus, from New Haven, Connecticut.  I’m 6 ft tall, 215 pounds, light brown complexioned with light brown eyes and a shaved bald head.

I’ve been incarcerated since Sept. 2014 for both state and federal matters, but I am now halfway through my current 9 year sentence that I am currently fighting to get overturned in court. My sentence ends in February 2026 but my release could come as soon as October 2023.

Even though my plan is to become a truck driver when I am released, and explore this country completely, I recently graduated from the Blackstone Career Institute, through a correspondence program, with a diploma in Legal Assistant/Paralegal studies. I also, prior to that, earned several certifications for Custodial Maintenance as well.

I’m now considering enrolling in an Advanced Paralegal course once I save up enough money for it from working my current job in this facility’s clothing factory.

What I am looking for is a good person with a good heart that I can meet and get to know, and who I can let get to know me. And together we can see where life will take us from there. I’m not a hard person to get along with. I’m easy-going and open-minded, intelligent, well spoken, respectful and respectable.

I have very strong principles and high values. I’m a bit “old fashioned” in the sense that I’m a gentleman, and I’m very comfortable with the man that I am no matter which hat you may find me wearing. (I wear lots of hats, both literally and figuratively).

But that’s the short version of the long story.

If you are interested in learning more, write me. I will respond to all.


Ad Start: 01-27-22
Ad Expiration:  01-27-23
Women, Men, Friends
African American
Non-Denominational Christian
Assault 1st, Robbery 1st, Criminal Possession of a Firearm
Release Date
02/08/2026 But Reduces Monthly
w/Good Time