Michael Johnson
To the seasoned, beautiful, older ladies. YOU ARE IN LUCK! Prince charming is here. My name is Michael I'm to my friends and family as Wimp. I'm a strong, brown skinned, black man from Cincinnati, OH. I'm 5'11", 205 lbs., with brown eyes. I'm a Capricorn, and yes, it's true what they say about us.

I'm 43, looking to meet a woman at least 10 years or better older than me. Don't judge a book by its cover… I'm open to any older woman contacting me. Race, religion, or beliefs are of little importance to me. I'm into older women because I love someone that knows what she wants in life. Also because I'm not into playing or having games played on me. I'm seeking someone pure who will be there, through everything, not just the good. I've experienced real love in the past. But sometimes one door closes and another one opens. To be completely honest, I never again want to mess up a special relationship.

More about me… I love dogs; pitbulls in particular. I also love having aquariums. I'm the proud father of one daughter,Love fatherhood! Being a realist, honesty is important to me. I'm also big on loyalty . I'd love to completely give myself to a woman and for her to do the same with me. "We're in it to the end together"kind of thing. I love laughing and have a great sense of humor. I'm very spontaneous. Love to get out and do things. I also like to chill at home, cuddle and watch movies. I'm very family oriented. I do my best to cut out fake people with ultierior motives. Also, I'm visually impaired. Not to the point where I'm completely blind, but it's something that anyone dealing with me should know ahead of time. I love a woman that can cook, because I love to eat! Music is something that I love, no matter what kind. I'm a very open-minded individual.

I've been in for 9 years, and looking to meet that special someone. If you're interested, contact me!

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Older Women
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