James Mitchell
James Mitchell # 237942
970 Pickett Street North
Bayport   MN   55003   USA
My name is James, but I go by J Money or Jay.  I’m 30-years old and am from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I’ve been locked up for a few years now which I’ve used to reflect on what led me here and to wrap my mind around my lengthy prison sentence I’m serving.  Coming into this I knew I had to shift my focus inward on myself to reflect on the life style I led before prison and to figure out what I want for my future.  My life before prison was an endless crazy roller coaster ride that revolved around hustling and partying which was fun but was only a temporary distraction from shit I’ve been neglecting to sort through for years.

I’m a man that enjoys a grown woman’s companionship, which is a desired element I’ve been missing in my life lately, so I’m posting a profile to change that.  I’m at a point where I’d like to find that special someone to join me as I continue to thrive on my journey of growth and development.

I love laughing, having fun and engaging in deep conversations that build life long bonds that can stand both the test of time and distance.  I’m an open book, down to touch on any topic and am an incredibly easy guy to spark up a conversation with, so don’t hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself.

The fastest and easiest way to communicate with me is by email on JPay.com, so hit me up. I’ll be waiting, take care.

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African American, Caucasian
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